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Upon obtaining the name verification certificate, an entity will be given UB-10 bank account opening form to fill in for bank account opening. Please note that bank might request additional documents.

To establish a representative office, a foreign legal entity obtain certificate of establishment from General Authority of State Registration and grant permission for account opening from City Tax Office.

Following is the list of banks currently operating in Mongolia:

Golomt Bank – www.golomtbank.com

Capital Bank – www.capitalbank.mn

Capitron Bank – www.capitronbank.mn

Credit Bank – www.creditbank.mn

State Bank – www.statebank.mn

Transport and Development Bank– www.transbank.mn

Ulaanbaatar City Bank – www.ubcbank.mn

National Investment Bank – www.nibank.mn

Development Bank of Mongolia – www.dbm.mn

Khan Bank – www.khanbank.com

Khas Bank – www.xacbank.mn

Trade, Development Bank – www.tdbm.mn

Chinggis Khaan Bank – www.ckbank.mn

Erel Bank – www.erelbank.mn