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The “Invest in Mongolia” one-stop service center officially opened its door to investors in February 2019, by the National Development Agency / NDA /. In partnership with the Authority for State Registration, General Department of Taxation, Department of Foreign Citizens and Nationality, and General Department of Social Insurance, the center provides 60 different services to foreign and domestic investors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue providing services, advice, and information to investors in person, by phone and online.

The One-Stop-Service-Center provides the following government services, advice,
and information to foreign investors:

  • Investment legal advice and information; investment tax and nontax support, guarantee advice and information;
  • Receiving and resolving complaints from investors related to government activities through a virtual platform;
  • Registration of legal entities with foreign investment, certification of names, amendments, inquiries, references, investor cards and other related services, advice, and information;
  • Provide tax advice and information, taxpayer registration, digital signatures, inquiries, and certificates, receive reports, and collect vehicle taxes from foreign-invested companies and investors;
  • Issuance and renewal of Mongolian visas, visa permits, registration of temporary visitors, issuance and renewal of residence permits, and related advice and information;
  • Services such as receiving social insurance records, making inquiries, references, and providing advice and information.


Investor residence permit applications issued by the National Development Agency are now being received electronically at www.
Before launching the electronic application system, it used to take 3 working days to apply for an investor residence permit. By using the platform:

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, both government officials and investors have been able to interact through the system.
  • No need to come in person, which saves time and money. Before, it was necessary for people to come to the office twice: first to apply and again to receive a certificate.
  • Eliminating the use of paper offcuts costs for government organizations and brings Mongolia one step closer to e-governance.

In addition, the General Authority for State Registration has revised the active timeframe for domestic and foreign invested entity certificates to promote favorable conditions for foreign investors. Previously, the certificate renewal timeframe was differentiated between domestic and foreign invested legal entities.
Please read the detailed instructions provided at mn//assets/img/manual.pdf before submitting your application.

National Development Agency of Mongolia is aiming to provide all services of the OSSC through an online single window system in order to improve the quality of the services, to reduce bureaucracy and to provide favorable business and investment environment.