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Contact information of important departments: 

Organizations  Phone number  Website 
Investor Protection Council  976-51-264182  
Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry  976-77277070  
Mongolian Tax Authority  976-11-311175  
Mongolian Stock Exchange  976-11-313747  
General Authority for State Registration of Mongolia  976-1800 1890  
Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia  976-11-327638  
National Statistics Office of Mongolia  976-1900 1212  
Mongolian Tax Administration  976-1800 1288  
National Archives of Mongolia  976-1800 1205  
Immigration Authority of Mongolia  976-1800 1882  
General Department of Social Insurance  976-77771289  

Contact information of Ministries:  

Ministries  Phone number  Website 
Ministry of Environment and Tourism  976-51-261966 
Ministry of Construction and Urban Development  976-51-76003333 


Ministry of Defense  976-51-261636 


Ministry of Education and Science  976-51-323158 


Ministry of Foreign Affairs  976-51-70082222 


Ministry of Road and Transport Development  976-51-263179 


Ministry of Finance  976-51-267468 


Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry  976-51-263506 


Ministry of Labor and Social Protection  976-51-266324 


Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs  976-51-267533 


Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry  976-51-262271 
Ministry of Energy  976-51-263051 


Ministry of Health  976-11-323002 


Ministry of Economy and Development  976-51-263333 
Ministry of Culture  976-51-265621 


Ministry of Digital Development and Communications  976-11-330781 


Renowned investors 

The Government of MNCCI jointly announce the TOP-100 enterprises rankings on an annual basis. These rankings are made based on the factors which are annual revenue, tax paid, the number of social insurance payers, size of earnings, and assets. In 2022, the state-owned companies with ownership of 50% of the state are not included in the rankings. In May 2023, the TOP-100 enterprises of 2022 were announced, and Oyu Tolgoi LLC was ranked 1st in this ranking. 

List of TOP 10 enterprises of 2022: 

Ranking  Company name  Sector 
1  Oyu Tolgoi LLC  Mining and extractive industry 
2  Khan Bank JSC  Banking & finance sector 
3  Energy Resource LLC  Mining and extractive industry 
4  Golomt bank JSC  Banking & finance sector 
5  NIK LLC  Petroleum industry 
6  Trade and development bank  Banking & finance sector 
7  APU JSC  Retail industry 
8  Shunkhlai LLC  Petroleum industry 
9  Mobicom corporation LLC  Telecommunications industry 
10  Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC  Mining and extractive industry 

Business associations and chambers 

In Mongolia, there are several business associations and chambers which facilitate business owners’ opportunities of networking, advocacy and training to support business, foster economic growth and promote trade and investment. The following are notable associations and chambers of commerce to refer to in Mongolia. 

The Business Council of Mongolia (BCM) 
BCM is a membership-based association of leading businesses and investors. Currently, BCM has 260 members with diverse and international members such as global companies, embassies, international financial institutions, and NGOs giving members the opportunity to network. 



Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) 
MNCCI represents the Mongolian private sector and works to improve the business environment and promote accessibility of business opportunities to companies and investors. Furthermore, MNCCI works closely with the government and relevant authorities providing consultation and information on policies to improve the legal framework of the business environment. 



The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AmCham) 
The AmCham is an independent membershipdriven organisation with the objective to strengthen, build and protect business between USA and Mongolia. In addition, AmCham in Mongolia is an official affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce, with over 3 million members.  



Australian Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AustCham) 
AuchCham is a business association that promotes trade and investment between Australia and Mongolia. It serves as a platform for Australian and Mongolian companies to connect, collaborate, and explore business opportunities in various sectors. Furthermore, it advocates for the interests of its members and provides resources and support to foster bilateral trade and investment between Australia and Mongolia. 



Eurochamber Mongolia 
Eurochamber was founded by leading Mongolian and European businesses and provides networking opportunities, training, and exclusive meetings with high-level government officials and diplomats from Mongolia and Europe. EuroChamber has most of the European associations as members including British embassy UB, French Mongolian Chamber of commerce, German-Mongolian business association and British association of Trade and Commerce in Mongolia.  


Business support services

Mongolia has several professional associations which provide crucial resources and support, uphold ethical and professional standards in addition to granting professional licenses. The key professional association to refer to in Mongolia to enhance market understanding, mitigate risks and obtain services of high ethical and professional standards are the following: 

Mongolian Institute of Certified Professional Accountants (MONICPA) 
MONICPA is a self-governing, national professional NGO whose operations include regulation of professional services including accounting and assurance; research and project implementation; accounting courses and qualifications; development of members. Furthermore, MONICPA is the only organization authorised to grant professional licenses to accountants.  


Mongolian Bar Association (MBA)  
The MBA is a professional NGO, whose members are all professionals operating businesses in the legal field, judges, prosecutors, advocates, notaries, and lawyers. Furthermore, MBA has the full authority to conduct bar exams, grant or revoke licenses to provide professional legal services, represent lawyers, and operate the Committee of Professional Responsibility. Therefore, when seeking legal services the MBA is the place to go to find qualified individuals or entities with professional and ethical standards.  


Mongolian Association of Certified Tax Consultants (MACTC)  
MACTC is a professional NGO that operates to ensure tax compliance by developing professional tax consulting services that provide support for both the government and taxpayers. Furthermore, it is the only authorised body to grant, extend and revoke professional tax consultancy licenses to individuals.  


Mongolian Institute of Certified Appraisers (MICA)  
MICA is a professional NGO that serves its members, established by appraisers and appraisal service providers with the goal of protecting their interests and elevating their skills, protecting customers’ rights and regulating the appraisal service standards.  


Association of Mongolian Advocates (AMA)  
AMA is a professional NGO that represents advocates and organisations providing advocacy services, serving as a networking platform, ensuring the development of professionals, and promoting a code of ethics. AMA is authorized to conduct advocates exams and provide advocacy licenses to lawyers.