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Obtain the company seal

Required documents:

Foreign invested company:

  • Original copy of certificate of incorporation

Representative office

  • Representative office incorporation certificate
  • Official request letter
Seal manufacturing companies Address Contact number
1. “Tod Tamga”Ltd Chingeltei District, Ankara Street-23, Tod Tower, 1s floor 323454


2. “Agarmoosh” Ltd Chingeltei duureg, 4th horoo, Tsetsee gun university, 3rd floor #307 323029
3. “Gesu”Ltd Sukhbaatar district, Baga toiruu #48-1 330866
4. “Khas Tamga” Ltd Chingeltei duureg, 3-r horoo, Urt tsagaan east wing #208, 301 70129100
5. “Khash Tamga” Ltd Sukhbaatar district, 6-r horoo, Focus centre #102

Register in Social Insurance General Office of Mongolia

Foreign entity shall register in local Social Insurance office according to incorporated company`s address in order to obtain social insurance certificate. An entity is required to bring original copy and the copy of certificate of incorporation obtained from General Authority of State Registration.

Register in Tax Office

Information on company incorporation is sent to local tax office automatically and an entity shall bring original copy and the copy of certificate of incorporation to local tax office within 14 days after obtaining the certificate of incorporation to get registered.

A representative office of foreign legal entity shall get registered in the City Tax Office.