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Visa type and process

Mongolian visas are divided into 64 categories in 9 groups, and the below shows the Investment and Work Visa categories.

Investor visa (Type B visa)

  • B1: An investor / shareholder of a foreign invested company;
  • B2: A person appointed as a investor’s representative or an executive management of a foreign-invested company;
  • B3: A person in charge of managing a representative office of a foreign entity. 

Work visa (Type C visa)

Work visas are categorized into 11 groups depending on the economic sector.

These are:

  • construction,
  • science, education and information technology,
  • geology, mining, oil and energy,
  • the financial, economic and legal,
  • culture and sports,
  • production and services,
  • agriculture,
  • health,
  • humanitarian,
  • care and services for household needs and
  • transport sector and transporting export goods.

Visas usually are issued within 3 –5 business days.

To apply for a work visa, local employer/sponsor must obtain a pre-work permit for the respective foreign employee beforehand from the General Authority for Labor and Social Welfare (LSWA).


Visa issuance (Type B visa)

Visa issuance procedure – Investor visa

Required documents for applying for a visa permission:

  • Request letter from inviting entity;
  • A copy of state registration certificate of the Mongolian entity and license (if any);
  • Copy of applicant’s passport;
  • Investor’s e-reference letter from MED; (e-reference letter can be processed through Invest in Mongolia Portal
  • Letter of proxy for applying on behalf of their organization and work ID;
  • Receipt of stamp duty fee;
  • Completed application form

 Required documents for applying visa permissions for investors’ family members*

(Visa types: B1-1, B2-1, B3-1):

Inviting party should apply with the Immigration Agency for the family member’s visa permission.

Following documents are required:

  • Request letter from the inviting entity;
  • A copy of state registration certificate of the Mongolian entity and license (if any);
  • Copy of applicant`s passport;
  • Copy of marriage, birth or adoption certificates with official translation;
  • Letter of proxy for applying on behalf of their organization and work ID;
  • Receipt of stamp duty fee;
  • Completed application form.

*“Family member” means a husband, wife, partner (certified), father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and or children (under the age of 18) of a foreign national.

Work permit

To bring a foreign employee in Mongolia, an employer must obtain a pre work permit as a first step and it is a prerequisite for applying for a work visa Once the foreign national arrives in Mongolia, the application for a actual work permit can be submitted.

The work permit is granted up to 1 year and can be extended up to 1 year at a time. A copy of an employment contract with the local employer must be submitted to the LSWA among other documents.

A work permit (including pre-work permit and the work permit) can be processed through a Work Permit portal

However the portal is not fully functional yet. Therefore upon submission of the work permit application in this portal, the employer is required to submit hard copies of supporting documents with the LSWA It takes usually 10 business days for issuing a work permit. Upon granting of a work permit, the local employer is required to pay a monthly workplace fee equal to 2 times the minimum wage per a foreign employee. The Cabinet may exemp t eligible employers from the workplace fees depending on size and importance of projects or government funded projects by issuing a resolution.

Residency permit / Alien card

Those who obtained a work permit or permanently live in Mongolia are required to obtain a residency permit. An application for a residency permit can be submitted within 21 days from the date of arrival in Mongolia.

A residency permit shall be given for the period same as the work permit to a foreign national. For the investor visa, a residency permit shall be given up to 1 year and can be extended for up to 3 years. A residency permit is processed through Immigration portal and is usually issued within 10 business days. Submission of the supporting documents in person with the Immigration Authority is required.

Entering into Mongolia

Foreigners need to obtain a visa in advance in order to enter Mongolia, in general.

A foreign citizen can enter Mongolia as per one of the below options:


Obtaining e-visa or a visa from Diplomatic mission abroad:

This option is available for visitors applying for:

  • a tourist visa (K2),
  • a cross-border tourist visa (K3),
  • a transit visa (K6)
  • a visa for cultural and sport event (K4),

These visas excluding a few can be processed through E-Visa online platform

Alternatively the above visas can be applied at the Mongolian diplomatic missions abroad or border checkpoints.

List of countries eligible for E-Visa application:

*Visa means the permit to entry the Mongolian border and stay in Mongolia for a certain period, issued by an authorized organization.

**Visa permission means a document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Mongolian diplomatic missions abroad to grant a visa to a foreigner.


Arrive in Mongolia without a visa:

This option is applicable for citizens of countries which are exempted from visa requirements subject to certain requirements (if applicable) such as travel purpose etc.,

List of visa exempted countries:

List of tourism visa exempted countries until the end of 2025:


Arrive in Mongolia with a visa permission or visa:

The Option 3 is applicable to those who do not fall under Option 1 and 2 and relevant to majority of visitors (i.e. applicants for Investor visas, Work visas, Business visas, Study visas and others).  Visitors need to obtain a visa permission before collecting visa from the Mongolian diplomatic missions abroad or border checkpoints.


Resident title

Visitors planning to stay for more than 90 days should obtain residence permission. Foreign citizens who hold valid foreign passports or equivalent legal documents may visit or reside in Mongolia upon obtaining the required visa from a competent authority of Mongolia.

Request to obtain residence permission must be filed within 21 days after entry to Mongolia. The following materials are required to obtain residence permission for a foreign citizen who invests in Mongolia:

  1. Letter of request from the company;
  2. Investor’s card, state registration certificate of the company and
  3. its copy;
  4. A copy of the license if the company operates in a sector that requires a license;
  5. A copy of the office lease of the company;Statement from district tax office;
  6. Reference from district tax office;
  7. Confirmation of investments;
  8. Confirmation from  Governor  of  administrative  unit  where  the
  9. investor(s) resides;
  10. Two passport sized photos /3×4 sm/;
  11. Passport and its copy