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Mongolia’s Tourism Sector

Mongolia has a rich history, culture, and varying different landscapes, a unique nomadic lifestyle which attract tourists. The tourism sector is an increasingly popular sector which suffered the most during the pandemic, however, in 2023, the tourism sector is showing signs of recovery, although it has yet to recover to its pre-pandemic levels. Although, the biggest challenge the tourism and hospitality sector face in Mongolia is the hotel and accommodation for incoming foreign tourists.

On 7 April 2022, the Parliament adopted a resolution approving the establishment of the Khushigt Valley free economic zone. As part of Vision-2050, Mongolia aims to develop the economy by supporting tourism based on the priority economic sectors and location advantages. With this goal, the Government of Mongolia submitted the draft Law on Casinos in December 2022. Currently, the draft law is under discussion by the Parliament. According to the Draft Casinos Law, casino activities will be allowed only in Khushigt Valley Free Economic Zone based on a license issued by the Government, and detailed conditions and requirements for the licenses holders are specified in the draft law.