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List of documents to be attached to the application for stabilization certificate  /Download/


Document Check box
1 Official request of the applicant

/To be addressed to the InvestMongolia agency/

2 Application form

/Download from www.investmongolia.com/

3 A notarized copies of the state registration certificate, licenses and other    rights and stabilization certificate /if applicable/ of the applicant issued by a competent authority
4 Introduction of the project
5 Introduction about creation of sustainable work places

/To be attached enquiry issued by the General Authority for Social Insurance about  social insurance payment of current workers/

6 Information about introduction of new high techniques and technologies
7 General environmental impact assessment and detailed environmental impact assessment /The project requires detailed environmental impact assessment/
8 Business plan  /Applicable for projects less than MNT 10 billion /
9 Feasibility analysis /Applicable for projects more than MNT 10 billion /

/Shall be assessed and analyzed by the state authority of the relevant sector or its science and technology council/

10 Audited financial reports, which reflects the amount and type of investment

/Financial reports of the company, applicable for period of the investment and external audit analyzes and report/

11 Contact details