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The ‘Investment and Trade Agency’ was established under the Ministry of Economy and Development and has been operating on the Government premises 11.
Priority areas and functions are:
  • Ensuring the implementation of laws and regulations on investment and trade;
  • Attracting investments, protecting the legal rights and interests of investors, and offering assistance as needed;
  • Diversifying exports, enhancing the competitiveness of import-substituting industries, and facilitating trade;
  • Providing consulting and electronic single window services regarding other government services related to investment and trade.
Services of the ITA’s ‘One-stop service center’ for foreign investors include promotion of favorable conditions for foreign investors set forth for in the legal investment framework, streamlining of public services, reception and resolution of investor’s complaints, and elimination of difficulties that investors encounter. It also provides joined-up government services such as state registration, social insurance, taxation, and immigration; through a single window system.
Address: Government Premises 11
Sambuu street 17, Chingeltei District
Ulaanbaatar, 15141, Mongolia
One-stop service center: (+976) 77001717
Office: (+976) 75551717